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Hello and welcome! If you like books you're in the right place! I’m an author of Young Adult and Romance books. The Nykara series is YA with some fantasy thrown in to make it fun. Nykara (Nykara series #1), Chosen One (Nykara series #2) and Chaos (Nykara series #3) are all available for your reading pleasure. Believe (Nykara series #4) will be released Jan. 30, 2020. My romance novels Trapped in a Castle (A Slightly Strange Romance) and A Mermaid's Kiss (Bay State University #1) are also available. All books are available at all major online retailers and paperbacks are available on Amazon. Cursed (A Shady Oaks Novel) is part of a series by various Kingston Publishing authors. They are all set in the same small town of Shady Oaks, Kentucky. Be sure to check out the entire series! Hunting Briar (Coven Queens #1) is the start of a series by Kingston Publishing authors based around the instructors of and Academy for witches and warlocks. Happy reading!


About Me

My Bio

Writing first started for me in elementary school.  We wrote everyday and I fell in love with it. I love being able to get lost in a story and be transported to other times and places.  Needless to say I'm a huge book lover and I try to read everyday.  It's my greatest wish that people enjoy my work.  Happy reading!


Hunting Briar (A Coven Queens Novel)

Born the most powerful witch in a century, Briar's power is potentially limitless. With her mother coveting her power, Briar will do anything to stop her mother from using it for her own evil purposes. On Briar's eighteenth birthday she manages to escape the coven she was raised in. She spends the next two years on the run, hiding her power and hoping her mother doesn't find her.
Mystic Haven, Louisiana was supposed to be just another stop, but she was offered a job at the nearby school for witches and warlocks. Since Waverly Academy placed the security of it's staff and students as their top priority she felt safe enough to stay. Briar slowly let her guard down and allowed people into her circle. With the help of her best friend and new boyfriend she begins to find out who she really is. But will living as her true self allow mother find her and drag her back into the life she wants nothing to do with?


My Books

Trapped in a Castle (A Slightly Strange Romance)

Eve woke up to her worst nightmare, she seemed to be in a castle and had no knowledge of how she got there. After realizing where she was she tried desperately to find a way out. After weeks of searching she gave up and accepted her new reality. It wasn’t that bad though, an endless supply of food, all the books you could read, a kitten for company and a fresh plate of cookies on the counter every morning. 
One day Jackson mysteriously appears in the castle and seems to be in the same situation as her. She hopes that together they can find a way out of the castle and get back to their real lives. But the longer they are there, the less their former lives matter and the more Eve finds herself falling for Jackson. Can Eve truly accept this new reality and find happiness with a stranger?

A Mermaid's Kiss (Bay State University #1)

Kayleigh is starting a new life as the shy college freshman on an athletic scholarship. Tired of being the 'good little virgin girl,' Kayleigh wants to explore more than just books in college. 
Major is just your typical rich kid who's used to getting what he wants. Always looking for his next hot hookup, he doesn't expect to be caught up with the new girl on campus. 
Upon meeting, sparks fly, but not in a good way. Kayleigh thinks he's a jerk and Major thinks she's extremely stuck-up. They agree to try to get along so he can teach the girls to surf. Their temporary agreement becomes more permanent when Kayleigh asks for Major's help with something that's very embarrassing for her. The sexual tension starts to rise as they get to know each other. Can they become more than friends or will their individual issues get in their way? 

Cursed (A Shady Oaks Novel)

Two years ago Dani was forced to move to the small town of Shady Oaks, Kentucky. It was a big change for her but she soon fell in love with the small cozy town. On her sixteenth birthday she is given a box she's never supposed to open. It carries a long family history and legacy she doesn't believe in. Shortly after that she catches the eye of Ari, the cute, new boy in her class and Cash, the hot football player. They are like night and day. Ari is caring and sweet while Cash is daring and exciting. The gift she'd received was too tempting not to look at so she breaks her mom's trust and opens the box. What she finds inside will change her life forever. She unknowingly finds herself in a battle between good and evil. Will Dani lose herself in the process or even worse, will she come out of it alive? 

Nykara Series


For sixteen-year-old Alix, life was simple in her small town. However, that all changed the moment a mysterious boy moves into her town. Alix begins to discover strange occurrences all around her. Only, she quickly learns the magic she once believed to be fiction, may be more real than she ever could have imagined.

Chosen One

Alix has been given the great honor of joining the Almati Council, the ruling body of the Nykara. This means a trip to London for Alix and her closest friends and family. But before they make it to London Alix discovers she's being watched and is at constant risk of danger from the Grynn. The trip to London is full of surprises, both good and bad. Her friendship with Ben grows closer and her lifelong friendship with Shay is tested like never before. Can Alix get to the bottom of the mystery in London and keep everyone she cares about safe? Join Alix and her friends as they continue on their journey in the world of the Nykara.


After returning from London Alix struggles to balance being the Chosen One, a member of the Almati Council and a high school senior. How is she supposed write her finals and fight the Grynn at the same time? She would be lost without her best friend Shay, who keeps her grounded and Ben, who is becoming increasingly important to her.

Her magical abilities continue to evolve as she finds herself in a fight to save hundreds of innocent lives across the world. When it strikes close to home she realizes she is capable of more than she thought. When two of her fellow council members are captured by the Grynn, Alix's abilities are put to the test. Will the Grynn succeed in their plan to rid the world of the Chosen One or will Alix be able defeat them again?




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